About FD-UK

FD-UK - 15 years of supporting SMEs

Smaller and early-stage business owner/managers often find it hard to get the practical financial advice they require. They need someone on their team who can assist with shaping their business, support their deal-making decisions, steer them through the maze of regulatory requirements and act as an informed sounding board.

Due to their size or early stage of development, these businesses usually cannot afford an experienced full-time Finance Director. Their accounts team may well do a great job of keeping the accounts ticking over.  External accountants and lawyers provide expert advice, which works well for certain tasks, but they are too expensive for ongoing work and they are not usually able to provide commercially-minded advice from an insider’s perspective.

This is where FD-UK comes in. An experienced FD who is on your team and understands your business intimately; who can support your board and help you run the company; who can attend crucial meetings with funders, clients or even potential acquirers; who can build you a system to control your finances and fulfil your obligations.